U n i t e d   S t a t e s   H i s t o r y

***Grade Level Project***

Unit 1: A Nation is Born
Ch. 1:
Creating a Nation
Ch. 2: Growth and Conflict
Ch. 3: Birth of Modern America

Unit 2: Imperialism and Progressivism
Ch. 5: The Progressive Movement
Ch. 4: Becoming a World Power
Ch. 6: World War I and It's Aftermath

Unit 3: Boom and Bust
Ch. 7: The Jazz Age
Ch. 8: Normalcy and Good Times
Ch. 9: The Great Depression Begins
Ch. 10: Roosevelt and the New Deal

Unit 4: Global Struggles
Ch. 11: A World in Flames
Ch. 12: America and World War II
Ch. 13: The Cold War Begins
Ch. 14: Postwar America

Unit 5: A Time of Upheaval
Ch. 15: The New Frontier and Great Society
Ch. 16: The Civil Rights Movement
Ch. 17: The Vietnam War
Ch. 18: The Politics of Protest

Unit 6: A Changing Society
Ch. 19: Politics and Economics
Ch. 20: Resurgence of Conservatism
Ch. 21: Into a New Century

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